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Lobbying Congress

Artificial Ingredients in "Organics"?

Did you know the food industry is busy lobbying Congress to change the law so that artificial ingredients can be included in foods labeled "organic"?

Tell Congress that you don't want to buy "organic" food made with chemically-derived ingredients!

As the primary shoppers in our households, we've got enough to worry about without having to question the authenticity of the food labels we read at the grocery store.

But big food manufacturers such as Kraft are lobbying Congress to change the law so that artificial ingredients can be included in foods labeled "100% organic." Tell Congress not to weaken this law!

Why can't they just leave well enough alone? In a word -- profit. Food companies know that educated consumers care about the foods they eat and are willing to pay more for healthy products that carry the "organic" label.

Cynically, the industry is claiming that consumers do not care about the use of artificial ingredients in food products labeled "organic" and are trying to slip this change into the law without any public input whatsoever. But U.S. consumers definitely do care! A recent nationwide survey by the nonpartisan watchdog group Consumers Union found that an overwhelming 85% of Americans said they do not expect food labeled as "organic" to contain artificial ingredients.

Now, we must make sure that the public's voice is heard - and not simply that of big business. But we must act quickly - Congress could take up the issue this week.

Tell Congress that "organic" should mean exactly that - no artificial ingredients allowed!

Thank you for taking action today!

Dawn Sanders

Click here to sign petition.


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