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World's Most Effective Air Purifier

I Want to Breathe Better!

Breathe Easy with the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier!

Dear Internet Friend,

We all know about the hazards of outdoor air pollution, with ozone warnings and “red days” when anyone with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors.

But what do you do when your indoor air quality is even worse?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that indoor air pollution is America’s #1 environmental health problem. Think about that for a moment – of all the environmental health problems we face, the EPA says the #1 problem is indoor air pollution!

Home Smelly Home

That’s because indoor air pollution can be five to one hundred times worse than outdoor air. And since we often spend up to 90% of our time indoors indoor air pollution can cause or contribute to many health problems.

The sources of indoor air pollution are wide and varied. Everything from moisture, pressed wood furniture, paneling, carpet, drapes, dry cleaned clothing, asbestos tiles, dirty furnace filters, vacuum cleaners, household cleaners, paint, glues, humidifiers, even air fresheners contribute to the problem of poor quality indoor air.

What’s Going On Behind Closed Doors

Today many new energy-efficient homes and offices are tightly sealed which helps keep energy costs down, but increase our indoor air problems. Closed buildings accumulate molds and bacteria that can exacerbate allergic symptoms. Particulates like dust, dander (skin flakes) smoke particles, swirl around in our breathing space with nowhere to go.

Older homes often have high levels of mold and bacteria, accumulated dust (and dust mites), musty basements and other “old home smells”.

Your Health is at Risk!

The health effects of indoor air pollution run the gamut from minor nuisances like bad odors to serious health issues. The health consequences of indoor air pollution have been linked to headaches, eye irritations, breathing problems, memory loss, skin irritations, colds, flu, viruses, fatigue, asthma, allergies, dizziness, depression, sinus infections, and emphysema. Those at the highest risk include infants, children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system. Long-term health effects from repeated exposure to polluted air include some respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer.

The bottom line is that sick buildings, whether it’s a new home or an old one, a condo, an office complex, or an apartment make people sick and most of us live and/or work in sick buildings! So even if you don’t have any of the health conditions associated with indoor air pollution, your health is at risk!

In fact, the EPA states “It is prudent to improve indoor air quality in your home even when symptoms are not noticeable”.

Fortunately, now there are two revolutionary, patented technologies that can dramatically improve the quality of your indoor air like never before, so you can breathe easier and better than ever before.

Introducing the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier

It stands about 18 inches tall, weighs only a little over seven pounds, is as quiet as a kitten, and features a cool halo of light that glows in the dark. It’s often mistaken for a work of art, but it’s the most powerful and effective air purifier on the market today!

This amazing environmental appliance dramatically reduces all forms of indoor air pollutants up to 3000 sq. feet! You read right – that’s 3000 square feet—a big enough area to cover the size of most homes.

It works miracles on mold, bacteria, dust, pet odors, cigarette smoke, outgases coming from materials like plastics, carpeting, pressed furniture and paint. It’ll even take care of the worst kinds of smells, from cooking mishaps to teen tennis shoes!

Your breathing space will be free of all unwanted pollutants and irritants so your air doesn't just smell fresher--you actually breath cleaner air!

"Thank you so much for introducing this air purifier to me. The results have been amazing. I'm asthmatic and when the weather changes, I get horrible headaches and have trouble breathing -- UNTIL NOW! These past two weeks it's been raining so much and I haven't had to use my nebulizer since I've been using this unit in my home! THANK YOU!

I'm usually a very skeptical person and I had my doubts before, but seeing is truly believing. I'm so grateful to you. Unless a person has asthma like I do, one can't possibly appreciate how wonderful it is to breathe easily. Thank you again."
--Marlene K.

But Wait It Gets Even Better and More Amazing!

This technological marvel can sit in one room of your home and clean the air in the entire house - up to 3000 square feet with no filters to clean! And with no loud fan trying to suck the air in!

There’s less noise than a computer, no fuss, no mess, no sweat! It’s virtually maintenance free! To install the unit you just plug it into an electrical outlet and that’s it! Soon thereafter your home smells like fresh air 24 hours a day. Then once a year you just replace a cartridge and you’re ready for another year of fresh clean air!

A Technological Wonder Two Times Over!

By now some of you might be wondering, how can an air purifier, about the size of a coffeemaker, with no filters, clean the air up to 3000 square feet!

We’re glad you asked! It’s able to clean the air in such an amazing way because of two revolutionary new patent-pending technologies that are completely safe and more effective than any other technologies on the market. In fact, this amazing air purifier effectively deals with all forms of indoor air pollution – from bacteria to mold, particulates like pollen, smoke and dust mites, to chemicals and off-gasses.

Without getting too technical, here an overview of this amazing technology! The first technology used in the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier, is Photo-Ionization using silver, copper and titanium targets with residual ozone.

Photo-Ionization, is a natural method of sanitation for air, that duplicates nature’s way of cleaning air (with none of the side effects of older, less advanced technologies). Ultra violet lamps produce low levels of passive ozonation (less than .04 ppm), which is effective in reducing odors without any of the problems associated with ozone generators which release ozone directly into the air. The silver and copper pads in the photo-ionization cartridge effectively and dramatically reduce airborne microbes like bacteria, fungus and mold. Mold is a serious problem today, and the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier dramatically reduces mold, as well as bacteria, viruses and funguses in a matter of hours!

The second revolutionary technology built into the World’s Most Effective air purifier is a patent-pending electron generation unit. This is the technology that reduces airborne particulate levels for up to 3,000 sq. ft. A unique dielectric chamber reduces the static charge inside the entire home and particles drop from the air and out of your breathing space. Tri-metallic titanium targets are used for further microbial reduction.

Together these two new patent-pending technologies will help eliminate indoor air pollutants from mold, bacteria, viruses, odors, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, fibers, gases – you name it! If it’s in your breathing space it will soon be gone! Leaving the air you breathe fresh and clean!

"My husband Mark suffers from pet allergies. We have three dogs and a mouse living with us in our small apartment. One of our dogs suffers from separation anxiety, and when she is left alone she urinates in our apartment. After cleaning up, I spray chemical air freshener to get the urine smell out. I know this can't be good for our pets, much less for us. When we placed your unit in our home within 3 hours our apartment smelled fresh and clean and both of us could breath a lot better. During our first night with the unit, my husband slept without wheezing and coughing for the first time in years. One of my dogs has allergies and within one day her watery eyes became clear. When I burnt a bag of popcorn, the smell was gone within hours. Usually it takes a week to get rid of the smell! We found mildew in the kitchen cabinet and put unit next to the cabinet with the door open. We were able to wipe up the mildew stain and the odor went away. I am so thankful for my unit! I don't want to find out what life would be like without it."
— Misty M.

Clinically Tested, Proven Results!

The highest standards of research and proof of effectiveness are applied to the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier. Testing has been completed that prove the efficacy of the system in every application. Using a test chamber that houses monitoring equipment, with outside consultants and experts reviewing the protocols. Test results show that The World’s Most Effective Air Purifier dramatically reduces all major forms of indoor air pollution:

Reduces dangerous mold, like airborne fungus. (Yeast/Mold almost totally reduced (97.7%) in less than 24 hours)

Over a six-day period bacteria counts were reduced by an average of 95%

Butyl acetate, a solvent used in paints, lacquer, plastics, and adhesives was reduced by 31%; Methyl methacrylate, a chemical found in plastics and countertops, was reduced by 44%; d-Limonene, a common cleaning chemical, was reduced by 84%

Dramatically reduces dust, pollen and particulates. A greater than 95% reductions in particulate levels was achieved on particulate sizes as low as 0.5 microns!
95% of larger particulates (like pollen) were reduced twice as fast as normal; very small particulates (like those found in cigarette smoke) were reduced one-and-a-half times faster

There are 20 million particles in each cubic foot of air. By weight and volume 97% are greater than 1 micron in size. By total number 98% are less than 1 micron in size and therefore small enough to get into the lungs and cause respiratory problems. Our unit is capable of eliminating 95% of particles at even 0.5 micron in size! Less expensive machines will stop larger particles greater than 1 micron in size, but not the invisible pollutants.

Heating and air conditioning systems are designed to heat and cool indoors, but not to clean the air. The World’s Most Effective air purifier will aid in the elimination of indoor air pollution caused by these systems.

“Ray cannot breathe in our house unless he has the ‘HEPA’ filter right under his nose. Well, NOT SO WITH THIS AIR PURIFIER. He can go to the opposite end of the house because the unit is working. He has gone to bed now for the first time in a couple of years [without] the HEPA filter by his side of the bed. I am so grateful!"
—Jacque F.

The Best Feature Is It’s Price!

There are other air purification devices on the market, but none of them work nearly as well and some emit harmful substances into the air (including nitrogen oxides that can cause headaches and burning eye syndrome). With typical air purifiers, you need one in every room, which can cost well over $1,500 to cover the 3000 square feet that the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier covers. Then there's the cost of replacement filters, which can easily run well over $100 a year. Even though you still have to clean them!

Typical whole house air purification systems cost anywhere from $1,400-$8,000 and doesn’t do half of what the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier does, so the best feature is its price -- only $699!!

At $699 that’s up to ten times less than other whole house systems and significantly less than the cost of buying multiple room air purifiers to cover every room in your house! Plus the yearly replacement cartridge retails for only $89, well under the $100+ you’ll pay for replacement filters on other units.

You’ll also save on energy costs. Many air purifiers can cost another $100 a year in energy bills to run, while the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier uses the energy of a 40-watt light bulb!


An Easy Way To Save $100

Here’s a no-brainer way to take a $100 off the price of this air purifier! For a $19.95 membership fee, you'll pay only $599! That's a savings of $100 off the regular retail price of the unit—savings that more than pays for your membership! Plus you’ll save an additional $10 off your first year’s replacement filter, which as a member you can set up to have it automatically shipped to you a year from now!

Plus, as part of your membership you'll save 15% off the retail price on any of the health and wellness products featured on this website! In fact, as part of your membership you'll receive a printed catalog in the mail highlighting all the wellness products offered here and around every quarter we’ll send you a magazine featuring other member-only money-saving specials beyond the 15% you’ll automatically save! We’ll even throw in additional product samples. Samples from our amazing hair care system, our amazing skin care system, a sample of a revolutionary stress relief product and more!

Take advantage of our membership offer and you’ll not only save $100 on our air purifier, but potentially hundreds of more dollars over the course of your membership on some of the best health, beauty and wellness products on the market today!

If you want to breathe easy with the world’s most technologically advanced and effective air purifier. If you suffer from respiratory problems, are allergic to pets, or just want to enjoy the smell of a fresh clean air in your home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


This is the fastest and easiest way to get The World’s Most Effective Air Purifier. You'll be taken to a product-ordering page; just click on the "Add to Order" button and then click on View Cart to checkout. Your unit will be shipped via USPS (UPS in some areas). The cost for shipping the unit is only $7.50 and you'll receive the World’s Most Effective Air Purifier usually within five business days!

NEW! Portable Air Purifier

Check out our portable air purifier for your car, hotel room, RV or office cubicle. Now you can have fresh clean air wherever you go. Purifies the air up to 300 sq. ft. Perfect for the commuter, office worker, business traveler, or to keep odors out of smaller places like a closet or small bedroom. READ MORE

Online orders are shipped within the U.S. and Puerto Rico only. Canadian customers please email us via our contact page for ordering information in Canada. Sorry no orders outside of the US and Canada are available at this time.

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