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The Role and Purity of Excipients in our products

Excipients are the additives used to convert and bind active compounds in the supplements and herbal products our company produces.  While they do not have any nutritional value in themselves they are crucial for the optimal design of suitable sized pills and dosages for ingestion by consumers.  They are colloquially known as "fillers" and "binders."  With the coming growth of novel forms of therapy delivery systems, the quality and composition of excipients becomes increasingly important.

What differentiates our company from its competitors is the type, quality and purity of excipients we use.

In the case of the tablets and capsules that make up the bulk of our nutritional product line, the dosage forms need to be of a size and shape that are easy to dispense, easy to hold in one's hand and relatively easy to swallow.  Therefore, additional ingredients are added to the formulation to make these tablets convenient to use and suitably sized.  The materials "fill" the void in the product, hence the term "filler."

Our company uses a limited number of natural ingredients as "fillers" that play this important functional role, including a dicalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose.  In Zinc tablets, we use dicalcium phosphate to provide the necessary bulk for the product.  Actually, these materials often play multiple roles.  In the case of the dicalcium phosphate, it acts as a "filler" while also supplying the important nutrients calcium and phosphorus.

With respect to "binders", not only must a tablet have a convenient size and shape, but the ingredients in the tablet must adhere strongly enough to each other so that the tablet withstands the rigors of shipping and does not crumble or otherwise fall apart when handled.  Most nutrients and active ingredients do not possess this quality.  Our company uses natural ingredients as "binders" which are added to tablet formulations in order to hold the tablets together when they are manufactured.  Dicalcium phosphate, which we have seen can act as a "filler" and deliver the nutrients calcium and phosphorus, also can act as a "binder" in tablet formulation, holding the other ingredients tightly together in a tablet.  In the Zinc tablet example above, dicalcium phosphate fills all three of these roles.

Microcrystalline cellulose, a specialized and purified form of cellulose which is naturally derived from hardwood pulp, possesses very strong binding properties and is used in tablet formulations that are otherwise difficult to compress.  Its stronger binding capability allows it to be used in smaller amounts, which is important in formulations that contain a large quantity of active ingredients.  This allows our company to deliver the necessary actives in the minimum number of tablets or capsules possible.

Our company only uses natural fillers and binders in our products.  In each and every case, they play an important functional role in the product and are used at the minimum level necessary to achieve the desired technical effect.  In all cases, they are safe to consume and are tested for quality, purity and consistency.

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