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Give your body what it needs...

The answer lies within you.  It is intriguing to think that the key to this may well lie quietly hidden away within us - in our own "inner garden."  Consider the analogy.  In some ways the use of supplements can be likened to using compost and other natural fertilizers in organic farming to produce healthy, hardy plants that not only yield healthy fruit but also resist the myriad pests that attack them.  Just as plants need supplementation, so do the cells of your body.

Your body will take care of the rest...

Our own inner garden can become weakened as the "soil" (our food) becomes increasingly deficient in vital nutrients.  Each of the body's cells requires an ongoing supply of what have been identified as essential or necessary nutrients.  When all of these nutrients are available, the cells can function appropriately.  However, when they are missing, the deficiency can disrupt the healthy structure and function of body cells, tissues, organs and systems.

What are the most important nutrients to supplement?...

The ones that are deficient, or worse, missing from your diet.




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