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The Big Question:
"Isn't that a pyramid?"

First of all, do you own your own business?  Most people don't.  The typical business, whether a Corporation or a small town company, will generally have the following structure ...


President/CEO or owner


Vice-President or Partners


Senior Executives or Managers


All of the other employees

It would be hard to believe that a Vice-President will train his Sr. Management to the point where his job or position is threatened. This means that you are only going to get trained just enough from the people above you so that they do not lose their positions. Same goes for the rest of the pyramid with Sr. Management and employees. Pretty interesting when it is put in this light, don't you think? Amazing. It looks like a pyramid to me!

Now on the other hand, it is completely the opposite with a Network Marketing company. Matter of fact, you can call it the upside-down pyramid. With the support of your sponsors and their sponsors and upline leaders, your success with the company makes them that much more successful. Your success insures them of a commission check each month. So you will find it really comforting when your upline seven levels up sees that you are working the business and they offer their support and advice to help you advance even more!

See the following MLM structure:


The Network Marketing Company


Upline Leaders


Your Sponsors






Your 1st "level"


Your 2nd "level"


Your 3rd "level" etc.

Look what happens. We all know that it's very rare for the President of a company to come down and train an employee to advance up the management levels. With your "Pyramid" you become the President/Owner of your own MLM company which then takes on the above structure.  And unlike the typical Corporate or Business pyramid, it benefits you to go down several levels in your organization to train and coach them to advance because when they advance you advance.

WOW!!! What a concept!

Now, if you asked the question "Isn't that a pyramid?" which pyramid are you referring too?


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