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Consumer Checklist for High Quality Vitamin Supplements


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  1. Do you have a way to tell if the supplement (vitamin) that you're using is being absorbed & assimilated?

The place to begin is to see if your supplement dissolves when placed in water within 30 minutes or less.  That is the same standard the pharmaceutical industry uses for tablets. Otherwise it goes in one end and out the other.  That is just the very beginning.  The second and most critical question is... 

  1. Are the supplements you are taking being absorbed and assimilated into the bloodstream where they are available to the cells?

Always ask the company for peer reviewed research on their products.  The key word here is peer reviewed.  That means it is unbiased, legitimate research vs. advertising research where you pay someone to publish your research in what looks like a legitimate journal.    

  1. Is there balance in the formulation?

Balance is critical to a well-formulated supplement.  Many nutrients do not work effectively unless in a certain balance.  . For example: The B vitamin Biotin is extremely expensive.  It should offer at least 100 % of the daily value.  Most vitamins will show none at all or less than 100%. That is a sign to you of a poorly formulated vitamin, so read your labels.    

  1. Is the amount on the label the amount in each tablet?

A common problem in the food supplement industry is quality control.  It is not uncommon for the amount in each individual tablet in a bottle of supplements to vary dramatically.   

  1. Is the manufacturer using a "cooling" system to preserve nutrients?

When supplements are manufactured at a low temperature, all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients are not lost in the process. Without the enzymes, the body cannot utilize or absorb the nutrients effectively.  It is common for companies to use too much heat and pressure in making their tablets, which destroys the enzymes.     

  1. Are sugars, artificial colorings or sweeteners used?

It is common for vitamins to have artificial coloring and sweeteners in them.  Read the labels to determine their presence.   

  1. Are the supplements you are using safe and do you trust the company to have your best interest in mind over profit?

  1. Is there a full money back guarantee?


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