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§         Certain Herbs and amino acids have been clinically shown to support the body when it is under daily stress.  This includes the amino acids L-theanine and L-tyrosine, the plant sterol beta-sitosterol, and the Ayurvedic herb ashwaganda. 

They have been shown to enhance the body’s ability to adapt to continuing stress, by blunting cortisol production, a hormone produced during stress that affects long-term health by damaging organs, and lowering our immune system.  It is particularly important with herbal products that you purchase from a company that conducts rigorous, analytical testing for safety, purity, and potency.   Beware of any product containing the product KAVA as the FDA has issued a consumer advisory that KAVA may be associated with severe liver damage. 

§        Fiber Supplement       

Fiber supplements that have both soluble and insoluble fiber are a great way to increase your fiber intake.  Soluble fiber also is   a binding agent for taking chemicals and cholesterol out of the body and thus aids weight management.  It also keeps you  feeling full longer and promotes regularity.

Look for a fiber supplement that comes from a variety of food sources and offers both soluble and insoluble fiber. Different fibers perform different functions in the body, so a variety of sources is an excellent choice. 

§         Prebiotic- Probiotic Acidophilus/Bifidus System.  If you have intestinal disorders, which is common for people who live with daily stress, or are sick a lot this is an important supplement.  It is great for kids who get sick a lot, have a history of antibiotic usage and or ear infections.  

A good system will consist of a small capsule with the acidophilus bifidus bacteria you would find in yogurt and a powder, which is food for the good bacteria to multiply. Make sure you look for a product that guarantees live delivery to the intestines not just live at the time of manufacture.  These good bacteria are very fragile and temperature changes and stomach acid kill them before they ever get to the intestines and then it is just a waste of money. 

§    Calcium

It is critical to supplement with calcium to promote bone density. Calcium is nature’s tranquilizer. This is wonderful to take before you go to bed and promote a good night’s sleep.  It is a natural muscle relaxant and can help to relieve headaches, joint pain, and tense muscles often associated with stress. 

Look for a calcium supplement in which the raw material is tested for lead contamination, as this is common with calcium supplements.  Also, look for a calcium product that comes from 3 or 4 reputable sources and also contains magnesium, as this makes the calcium much more absorbable  




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