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STRESS RELIEF - Dietary Recommendations

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§         Eat Complex Carbohydrates.

These are the stone ground whole grain breads, rice, and crackers. The complex carbohydrates are where you get your B-complex.   These foods are going to give you superior nutritional content compared to refined sugar, white rice and white bread.  They are burned more slowly resulting in more energy and less hunger for better weight management.  These kinds of foods can be found in any major grocery store or coop.  They are often made from organic grains as well.  Spelt bread and sprouted grains are excellent sources of gluten free bread that offer a good source of protein, taste great, and can make weight management much easier.

§         Eat High Quality Protein with each meal. 

High quality soy protein powder, clean poultry grown without hormones and antibiotics, cold-water fish, organic eggs, clean beef are excellent choices.  Soy has many benefits.  It is a high quality, lean, vegetable source of protein, easily digested and assimilated by the body.  This is critical for building healthy cells.

§         Use foods made with cold pressed oils or expeller pressed oils.

You can find these kinds of food in the health food section at any major grocery store.  There are cookies, crackers, cereals, etc. made with these cold pressed or non-hydrogenated oils.  This is going to allow you to minimize hydrogenated oils or trans fats in your diet, which lead to an overabundance of free radicals.  Free radicals are very damaging to human cells and are believed to play a significant role in cancer.  Keep all oils refrigerated or even cold pressed will become rancid and create free radicals in the body.  Keep your oil in a wide open mouthed jar.  Scoop out what you need with a spoon and can cook with it.  Also, keep some in a small bottle and run under hot tap water to liquify what you need.  Olive, Sunflower and Safflower are excellent sources of the essential fatty acids so important for good health! 

§         Drink Water Purified by Reverse Osmosis.

Tap water and even bottled water is often contaminated. Look for a bottled water source, which states on the label it has been purified by Reverse Osmosis.  This guarantees the purity of the water.  Bottled water can literally be “tap water in a bottle”.  Better yet, consider investing in a good Reverse Osmosis Purifier for your home.  It is much more economical in the long run. 

§         Eat Pesticide Free or Organic Foods When Possible

All major grocery stores and local co-ops offer organic produce.  Grapes, strawberries, lettuce and cucumbers are often very high in pesticides.  When possible, eat organic or pesticide free.  You can also greatly reduce your exposure to chemicals by peeling your food or washing it with a good organic cleaner first. 

§         Use Organic Milk and Other Dairy Products that are Free of Growth Hormones or Choose non-dairy Alternatives.

Certain growth hormones have been associated with an increased risk of such things as breast cancer.  Avoiding foods that contain this can reduce risk.  Consider trying soy or rice milk.  Dairy products, can be difficult to digest, lead to increased mucous production and can make weight management challenging.  There are wonderful cheeses made from soy, goat or sheep milk that are more easily digested and taste delicious!  Try some of the ice creams, sour creams, cream cheese made from soy or rice milk.   



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This information is educational in context and is not to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please consult your licensed health care practitioner before using this or any medical information.